Nashik, Bird Lover To Take Care Of Crippled Ibis

NASHIK: A male black ibis, injured by a Chinese manja, was rescued by a city bird-lover, Shekhar Gaikwad, who has now decided to care for the bird as its wing had to be amputated following the mishap.

The incident occurred in the afternoon on October 29, when the male black ibis struggled to disentangle itself from the manja, near the Upanagar post office.

Far from succeeding to free itself, the ibis' right wing was seriously injured in the process. While some locals tried to rescue it, the bird, had, in the meanwhile, also broken its right leg due to constantly struggling to get rid of the glass-laden thread. "The ibis was initially hanging from a tree but the latter fell down near the post office. The wing came off and it developed a crack in its bone. Stray dogs tried to attack it but the employees of the post office protected the bird and called up the Upnagar police chowky. The police called a snake-lover who, in turn, called me. I took the bird to the veterinary polyclinic at Ashok Stambh," Gaikwad said.

Veterinary doctor Sanjay Gaikwad who treated the bird said that the main bone near the wing was fractured. "After examining the ibis we found that the wing was very badly injured and it had to be amputated. Friends of snakes and animal lovers Anant Wale and Piyush Ramsinghani helped Dr. Gaikwad during the operation. After amputation and dressing, the bird was kept for observation for two hours till it became fully conscious. Considering the crippled state of the bird, Shekar Gaikwad volunteered to take life-long care of the bird. "The bird is fine after being operated upon. Chinese manja is truly a very dangerous string," Dr Sanjay Gaikwad said.

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