Ultimate Ways To Shave Off Pet Expenses


For animal lovers, their pet was an extension part of the family, thus feeding expenses and all other medical treatments are being watched like anyone in the family. According to surveys, almost 60 million dollars are being spent on pets foods and accessories. That is about one thousand per pet!

But knowing we are always on a tight budget, we have to keep some dollars even though we take care of our pets at home. We have few tips that can help you with these concerns, check out below.

1. App Offering List

Free on iTunes, this Pet Care Services allows you to make a shopping comparison on the local merchant providers that covers almost everything from vet services to dog parks and could help you manage and organize with the email and call alert prior to the time you need it.

2. Shipment Discount

With the vast online merchant, there are options that let you save both time and dollars like the offers they throw at Amazon's subscribers or a repeat order services promo when you make a purchase.

3. More Medical Options

It is a common practice that vet prescribes a medication to our pets during each visit, but the thing is, you don't necessarily comply with those expensive medicines and treatment. You can try 1-800-PET-MEDS to cut cost and for other alternatives or shop with GoodRX! There are other alternatives for the medications prescribed and list of various prices that correspond and with the same effect.

4. Craft Them Toys

Instead of spending few bucks for the toys of our pet to keep them entertained, we can craft them toys which could save as an enormous amount of cash. In fact, pets can have a continuous feast just by a simple ball or old towel, however, ideas can be limitless.

5. Treatment For Flea And Ticks

These treatments are usually sold in small tubes and are gauged according to their weight but you can spend less if you will get a vial and spread it among your pets. Mind you, that is a lot of savings in your pocket.

6. Keep An Eye On Coupons

This can be small things but adding these all can still create a big impact on our budget. Of course, it is present when you buy pet's foods and other stuff for your animals at the selected online store. Keep an eye on these promotional codes and coupon and take home few bucks.

7. Public Clinics

A government-owned clinic if there is in your vicinity helps reduce the cost of annual vaccinations for our pets. Sometimes, even the local or private sector will conduct programs like free vaccinations for anti-rabies campaigns then that is the time you can bring your pet and have their annual shots.

Another thing to remember when cutting an expense for our pets is that you should not feel guilty that you do. Instead, take it to the positive side. You were just stretching the value of your money in which you can take care of them better in other aspects like we do to ourselves and we are sure that our pets won't mind that for as long as they keep well-fed and healthy, they live and enjoy a happy life with our family.


  1. I had many years a dog and know how much i spend on him. I wish we would have had internet at this time and your blog

    1. We are so sorry for that but don't cling on to negative things. Later, you can get new dog and this time you can take care of your pet while keeping a safeguard of your pocket.

  2. This very helpful. Especially if you have lots of pets

    1. You bet! They eat some budget for the family.

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