How To Take Care Of Poultry And Domestic Fowl Animals


Our $animals at home such as chicken are sociable animals even way back in our ancestors time in the jungle. There are even groups of birds that are dominant and prefer to live with us. Though they can also live in the wild, more flock species wanted to roam around in human's environment because they can get more access to food. In nature, they can are feed with tiny seeds, insects, worms, corn or berries that they can get from scratching the grounds with their claws. But if you have chicken and birds at home, how can you properly take care of them especially those types that are accustomed living in the wilds.

1. Adequate Space For Their Homes

Like humans chicken and other feathered $animals needs the proper ventilation and sunlight. The proper lighting as well as place where they can preen and do dust bath is important to keep the skin and feather clean. They also need to have an accessible place which is cool and shady during the hot season. Mind you, too much heat can kill them and too low temperature gives them hurtful frostbites so it is important that their homes can shelter them from these harmful elements of nature to live and grow healthy in our backyards.

2. Predator-free Environment

In the wilds, feathered $animals are secured themselves from predators and the most common who needs some protections are the chicks. They are an easy prey for a stray dog, fox, crow and some wild animals that might get into our yards. Even mouse can hurt them at night, that is why an extra layer of protection like screen walls is important to keep these animals from your domestic feather pets.

3. Clean Water And Food

Keep in mind that poisonous foods are the main reasons why most feathered animals died each day. You must keep those moldy feeds and other contaminant chemicals that can kill them. Besides keeping an eye on these poisonous foods, you must also need to clean their place as the dirty living environment can render bird or chicken disease which can be fatal to their health.

4. Care From The Veterinarian

Despite the fact that chicken can easily be raised they are prone to have respiratory infections and a good care from your veterinarian will ensure that they will sustain the critical condition once they are being infected. They can also easily get heat stress because of the weather condition and gain excess weight because of the artificially made feeds that are readily sold in the market. If you are among those people who keep feathered animals at home like chicken, make sure that you were able to provide the same level of protection and care for your feathered friend as you did with your dog or cat.

5. Know The Primary Antibiotic

For villages and far-reaching place where you could not get an easy access of the vet's help, it is important that you know the antibiotics for common types of illness such as colds and keeps a good supply of them so that you can relieve them fast when you noticed that they are sick. Sometimes, it only takes 1 or 2 days to get them back into healthy shape but if you neglect to give them the proper antibiotic and medicine, you might say goodbye to your precious chicken or feathered animals the next day you wake up.

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