How To Know If Your Pet Is Sick

how to know if pet is sick, dog, cat

Our pet may not have the ability to speak but they can tell us through their gestures if they are suffering from pain such as when they have wound. Other times, our pet can be best in hiding the pain and discomfort they feel but as for you know, they communicate their feeling in other ways.

1. They Make Sound
Pets that are usually silent can begin telling you they feel something wrong when you touch them on specific body parts. It is important that you know how to analyze the sounds they make such as yelping from hurt or whining. Dogs can grunt while the cat can purr constantly when you approached them or touched.

2. Check Their Facial Expression
It is true. Though whenever we see them, we always say they look cute and adorable but look closely you will notice that they also display facial expressions such as grimace in their eyes. This may not be noticeable but if you are a keen observation of how your pet looks, you will see a subtle change in the facial expression when they are in pain. The eyes and ears contribute much in expressing how they feel and they often pin their ears back or flat than its usual and normal position when they are sick.

3. Change In Posture
If you notice that your pet is not sitting on its normal comfortable position then chances are your pet feel pain somewhere on the back or abdomen and the only way it can reduce is when they are laying on odd position. The dog often pants as if it is tired when they are suffering from something and this should give you a hint that something is wrong with your pet.

4. Decrease In Appetite
Animals are also subjected to their habits. You probably had known your pet's habits since you raised them, how much eager they want to taste just about anything then suddenly lose its appetite. That will tell you that they are sick or in pain. An active dog or cat who loves to play may stay inside the house. They may also lick excessively or scratch certain part of their body which is in pain. The reluctance to move varies with the level of pain they feel or you will notice that they will put their weight on other parts which can limit their mobility.

5. They Become Aggressive Than Usual
There is the certain behavior of the pet animals when they are in pain such as the uncommon aggressiveness displayed. Usually, dogs and cats are very social animals and when in pain they tend to withdraw or avoid you, thus making you more worried about them. The best advice we can give is to be careful with your approach and bring them to the veterinarian so they will be taken care of.

Videos below shows 8 signs pet's in pain

If your pet shows signs mentioned above, seek the assistance of the vet to relieve their pain the soonest possible time and the vet is the only reliable person who can tell you about the cause of their strange behavior.

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