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Anyone who has a dog knows the smell of dog's mouth. If you your dogs have bad breath then there could be underlying causes of that. It could that your dog had eaten foul food but worst is when it is a symptom of other health issues such as dental or kidney disease. Aside from obesity, the bad breath and dental disease are the most usual problems to dogs and cat and what others may not aware of is that it can just be a slight picture of the overall health problems of your pet. The build-up of tartar which means bacteria are infecting the teeth, gums and jaw bones could be the infecting your pet's mouth that is why we want to stress the importance of cleaning the teeth and mouth of your pet this early to prevent them from having foul breath.

Unfortunately, many pet owners will just take this issue for granted, but knowing that it can play major havoc to your pet's health can be alarming so it is important to treat dog's and cat's bad breath this early to help have a sound health. As famous adage said 'Prevention is better than cure' and because of that daily maintenance of dental care is truly necessary and could prevent you from further expenses on medication and treatment. Luckily, some educated pet owners have already realized the role of brushing the teeth of their pet so this article is for pet owners who overlooked the importance of daily brushing habit. If you are worried or skeptical to do this because your pet is not accustomed of brushing their teeth, then know that with some effort and training dog can accept it like normal things to be done to keep them healthy and fit. When you are brushing the teeth of your pet, remember to use the safe toothpaste as they are designed to be swallowed by your pet so there must be no harmful chemical content in the product.

There are instances that brushing the teeth of your dog and cat is not achievable, and if this is so, ask advice from the veterinarian but we can also suggest you the following alternatives to keep their teeth clean.

-Feed them with a diet that can help promote dental health
-You can also ask your vet for an oral prescription that you can use to rinse their mouth to keep it clean.
-Give them chew toys to strengthen the resistance of their teeth against any bacteria and gum infection.
-Let them drink more water to reduce bacteria in the mouth. A dog that drinks more water has less rabies than those who are not.

Seeking The Help Of The Veterinarian For Dental Problems

The veterinarian can pinpoint the cause of the dental problems of your dogs and can do a specific action to remove or resolve the issue such as extraction of the decayed teeth or surgery. They can also reduce contamination of bacteria by dental home care. Some may need to put your pet in an anesthetic stage to remove the tartar buildup since there is no other way to do this, or they can get an x-ray for your pet's mouth to determine and access the whole mouth's health. This may be a costly procedure that is why the lesser you take care of your pet's dental health, the more serious and expensive the treatment needed to restore it back to its healthy shape. 

Recommended Dental Home Care Product 

Below are dental care products we can recommend for your pet. Make sure you have them.

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