Questions You Need To Ask Yourself First Before You Get A Dog

Sometimes when you walk around a neighborhood and see a cute puppy, you want to take it home. We are not surprised if that is the first reaction that you will feel because many people really cannot resist the urge to pick the puppy and bring it home without thinking first if he/she can really take care of the cute creator. We know, puppies are really charming but they will not keep like that. They grow into a dog, they eat and take space of your house but that isn't just all that you need to know. Taking care of them can be costly too, so before you try to bring that puppy home you must know that adopting one is incredibly serious matters that need to think about.

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 Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself first:

1. What is exactly is the reason why you want a puppy?
You might have a puppy before that you lost and now you want a replacement for that or maybe you find the dog cute enough that you decided you want to bring it home, but it is your first time to have a pet. Whatever may be the reason behind, remember that a dog can live up to 10 to 20 years. The puppy will be with you for that long, not just for days or months, but for long years. They will share the ups and downs of your life and with your family.

2. Do you have enough time for the puppy?
Having a puppy is no difference between having a baby at home. This little cute creature needs your time, too and you just can't ignore or neglect it. You have to take them to bath, to feed, and walk them for exercise. As the dog owner, you are responsible to take care of them and love them. Unfortunately, some of the dogs end up in needing help or rescue because the one who gets them does not realize that having a dog will cost you time to properly take care of them.

3.Are you able and willing to spend money on your pet?
Having animals, not just dog will certainly cost you money--for food, medicine, check-ups, training, grooming and etc. The thing is even if you want to get a dog if you can't afford the expenses of having one, it is better not to have because you will likely to spend for their needs.

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The dog will need to visit the vet for vaccinations and emergency checkups. Apart from that, you might even need modifications of your backyards or home to accommodate the new member of the family. If the pet stays with you and you need to go somewhere and you don't want to leave them behind because of no one around the house so you will need blankets, toys, cage or kennel and other supplies for your pet.

4. Can you deal the challenges you are going to have?
Yes, a puppy can be cute and huggable but they can also irritate you especially if they chew your new shoes or mess around the house. This happens when they are not trained. Then there is a chance that your pet will have flea--this can be annoying and cause a real problem for you. And to make you envision things, the flea can go into your sofas and bed, this can be itchy when your house is infested with the flea.

5. Is your place a dog-friendly place?
In some residence, they don't allow pets like dogs. This can happen especially if you don't own the place or just renting. So, you must evaluate your situation. Will your landlord allow dogs in their place? If not, you will need to shift to another place, where you can have your pet in your home. And depending on your location or city, getting a new place can be tedious and challenging at a time.

Another thing you need to think about if you are living in an apartment, your dog may not cope the small space. But there are few breeds of dogs that are fine with a minimal place, just don't get the big dog if your place is small.

6. Is it a right time for you to have a dog?
If you are away most of the time from your place and living alone, it may not a good time yet to have a puppy or dog in your home since no one can feed the dog or take care of it.

7. Do you see yourself being a responsible pet owner?
This is a very important question that you need to answer yourself since having a dog isn't a joke. Sometimes, one will get into this responsibility being unprepared to take care of his/her fury buddy. So, you need to sort out of you are ready to take them to bath, to feed them, to take them to walk in the park and those things, before you will get bring a dog into your home because having a dog needs commitment.

FINALITY: When you are done with all these questions and you get all positive answers within yourself, then you are really a certified animal lover. So, the biggest question now is should you adopt or buy?


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