Caring For Your Pets During Winter

Cold season can be frightening not only for us but for our furry friends. The temperature may differ for each country and region and these seasonal cold condition affects our canine and feline pets. So, here are few tips for our furry family members during this winter season.

dog in snow

Warming Your Dogs

Sure, dogs may have fur but these may not be enough for them not to get cold when the temperature starts to drop during the winter season. For our furry friend, let them warm by wrapping them in a thick coat and your dog will thank you for that! Not just coat them, but see their paw. Some dogs could tolerate cold weather condition but others cannot. See if the paw cracked or caked with ice. To be sure they are protected against the ice, let them wear boots and socks. They are not just functional during this season, these also look them cute. Most dogs like to romp around during snow time, however, the snow can be disorienting for animals. The place may not be far but during snow, it seems to get strange for them so to avoid getting lost make them wear collar ID or tag to secure and lastly, keep them in a warm bed away from the opening and the cold floors.

cat in snow, furry cat, winter

For Cat Lovers

Cats are often inside the house during winter. And even if they love going outside, the cold and blustering weather will keep them inside or even near the chimney area of the house. However, there are instances that your cat may sneak into the car's tank for warmth so make sure you check or honk the hood before you start the car engine in case they are sleeping in there and lastly, before shutting up the door at night, make sure that your cat is already inside the house. Just imagine how would it feels if you are in the freezer, same goes for your cat who might still be out and trap somewhere in the cold. With the little extra effort and care during winter, your pet will be happy just as you are!

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